Laminamarc | Woodframe neither moulding nor clip-frame
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The Company

“Woodframe neither moulding nor clip-frame” Since 2000 Laminamarc®is created on the idea to market a unique frame system. Ten years later, our target has not changed: Create a different product with modern design, based on qualitative materials and process, taking care personally of each one of our customers.
Laminamarc decoration

Laminamarc® is the most adaptable product of the frame market which is compatible with almost every technical constraint (size, shape, colour…). Its only limit is the one of your imagination.

Indoors buildings, offices, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants, pubs…


Laminamarc documents and exhibition

Use of Laminamarc documents: Documents which can be exhibited such as a safety rules frame, rules and regulations, opening hours…
Frames for public use

Safety rules, company rules and regulations, opening hours Offices, exhibitions, salons… decoration
Pictures and other documents

Every photography exhibition, arts, maps, certificates…

The Company