Laminamarc | Woodframe neither moulding nor clip-frame
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Laminamarc DECOR

Wood framing without molding neither glass

- Wood Type MDF


- 8 mm + 4 mm 4mm 

Background 1:
Outer 8mm thick background , available in 18 colors:

Black, Silver, White, Burgundy, Red, Lilac, Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Wenge, Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Apple Green, Grey, Pink and Fuchsia

Background 2:
- Middle 4 mm thick background, available in 9 colors
Black, White, Skyland, Textil, Oak, Bamboo, White Pine, Rock and Bubble
(There is also the option to custom)

Painted edges

- 14 colors available:

Black, Silver, Gold, Wenge, Pine, White, Sky Blue, Blue, Green , Cream, Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy


- 50 microns gloss film with ultraviolet treatment and free from ozone exposure.

- Do not leave fingerprints or cleaning.

- Anti-humidity, prevents the formation of mold.

- Prevents marks nicitine and grease 


- Water (damp cloth)

- window cleaners

- Alcohol

- Never acetone


- Size  13x13 cm to 100x220 cm
- Margins are 5cm to the outer background and 4cm for the middle background
- the margin between photos and middle background is 4cm

Same weight as a traditional photo frame